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Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of utilizing a variety of social media platforms to promote a brand, create awareness for a product or service, educate people, and even provide customer service, and ultimately, to positively impact the growth of a company or organization.

There is more to social media than marketing but for the purposes of the conversation on this website, we will limit the discussion to the marketing aspect of social media.

A successful social media marketing campaign will not only capture the attention of it's intended audience, but also engage with them on a personal level in order to create trust in the brand or company being promoted. Social media can be an important part of any marketing campaign, as long as the process is properly managed, and approached in an intelligent manner--this means that getting the most followers are likes should not be the end goal. Along with other Internet marketing approaches such as search engine optimization, or paid search marketing, social media marketing can play a vital role in the success and health of most businesses.

Social Media & Types of Social Media Platforms

Social media has been around in one form or another since the birth of the world wide web, but in recent years it has taken the front seat when it comes to how people spend their time online. Learn about social media and the variety of social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing & Tools

The ability of social media to drive traffic can be harnessed if there is a true understanding of what social media is. There are companies as well as a number of online tools which help make publishing on social platforms and marketing the content easier, but that does not mean that someone can just put up a website, set up a social media profile and watch the traffic roll

Social Media: Transition from the Web to Apps

Initially, social media platforms were primarily consumed through traditional personal computers; however, due to the advent of smartphones and the app revolution more and more of social interactions happen on mobile devices.

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