Keogh&Co provide a range of services to help your business grow

  • Develop a compelling sales and marketing plan
  • Review current Sales & Marketing and development plans
  • Improve Sales Process, Tools and CRM Systems
  • Develop robust KPI's
  • Interim sales Directorship - fixed period or specific project
  • Sales team performance management
  • Sales turnaround and incentivisation / reward strategy implementation
  • Sales forecast build
  • Sales training, coaching and mentoring

Keogh&Co also

  • Implement clear structure and functionality to the Sales team and processes within business
  • Identify markets for companies products
  • Prepares companies products to be 'Presentation ready'
  • Secure meetings with trading Managers and Key decision makers in targeted companies
  • Liaise with all companies departments to ensure the whole business is 'ready to service' target business
  • Build commercials
  • Prepare company presentation
  • Build product cost template
  • Develop companies 'margin model'
  • Write company brief
  • Identify and invite Marketing / Merchandising partners to present
  • Identify and negotiate National & GB Distribution agreements

Our Sales consultants have secured listings for clients with the following companies

Contact us for further information on how we can help.

Telephone: 028 66 329243 (048 from outside NI) • Email:info@keoghandco.com • Mobile: 0044 7968 066770
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