Do you require the assistance of a food safety consultant to help you with any food legislative requirements?

We provide specialist advice on the following standards;

BRC Food Safety Standard:
The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 was published in January 2015, setting the latest benchmarks for best practice in food manufacture. Issue 7 has now replaced Issue 6 for all audits from the 1 July 2015.

Issue 7 has been developed to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria required to be in place within a food manufacturing organisation to fulfil obligations with regard to legal compliance and protection of the consumer. The format and content of the Standard is designed to allow an assessment of a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures by a competent third party, the certification body, against the requirements of the Standard.

BRC Storage & Distribution Standard:
The Global Standard for Storage and Distribution sets out requirements that a site should adhere to in order to be able to consistently store and distribute products to maintain their safety, quality and legality and meet customers’ requirements.

SALSA is a food-safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to reflect both the legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of 'best practice' of professional food buyers. This certification is only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate to an auditor that they are able to produce safe and legal food and are committed to continually meeting the requirements of the SALSA standard. The purpose of SALSA is to provide food safety assurance certification and support for small and micro businesses in the United Kingdom. This is a very solid step to gain BRC accreditation.

HACCP (Food Safety Systems): 
We can provide detailed HACCP Plans for all food manufacturing facilities based on the HACCP approach to food safety management. This shall entail the following; That the HACCP Plan is a proactive and an accurate reflection of the production process through the following phases;
• Design
• Implementation
• Maintenance
• Conforming to EC Directive 852/2004 ‘Hygiene of foodstuffs’.

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